Final Paper Submission

Final Manuscript Submission

Considering current peculiar circumstance, the deadline of final paper submission is extended to March 10, 2020.

The authors who received the notification of acceptance must submit their final manuscripts following the procedure below before the new deadline. The papers that have been submitted in one-page abstract can be revised but cannot be extended to 3-page full paper in the final submission. For papers chosen not publishing them in IEEE Xplore, the authors can decide by themselves whether or not to submit the copyright form.

Step 1: At least one author in the manuscript shall register his/her paper before submitting the final manuscript at Otherwise, your paper will be withdrawn and removed from the program. Please note the registration policy: maximum of two papers per one author registration and one paper for one student registration.

Please take down your registration number.

Step 2: The final manuscript must be in the format as required (templates provided in the conference website). Make sure that the manuscript including figures, tables, and references has 3-page but does not exceed the 3-page limit for full paper, or 1-page limit for abstract. The final manuscript must be a PDF file with the file size less than 3MB. All fonts should be embedded in the PDF file.

Step 3: The final manuscript PDF file is suggested to be checked by IEEE PDF eXpress before submission to ensure that it is IEEE Xplore-compliant. Please go to  with the conference code 47266X and have your PDF file checked. After your PDF file is checked, you will receive an email that is attached with a PDF file with a title like PIDXXXXXXX.

Step 4: The received PDF file beginning with “PID” should be submitted to  to complete the final manuscript submission. For your paper, please click the blue icon next to “Copyright form” as shown in the following screenshots to initialize copyright transfer and file uploading.