• EMC Pioneer


  • CHANGZHOU PIONEER ELECTRONIC is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier focus on the EMC/EMI market in China.

    CHANGZHOU PIONEER designs, manufactures and installs the RF Shielded Enclosures, Anechoic Chambers and MRI Cages for military, commercial and medical facilities.We manufactures a wide range of RF shielding products, as RF Shielding Door,Honeycomb Vent,Power Filter,Signal Filter,RF Window,BeCu Finger Gasket,Wire Mesh,also supply Foam Absorber,Ferrite Tile and other shielding components. Our shielding products are widely used in the field of the information security, measurement & detection, postal and telecommunication,aerospace,military,power testing, government institutions,laboratory,university,electronics industry and others.

    Our engineers and workers with over 10 years experience will work together with you from the design to final installation.Our factory with advanced fabrication facilities allows us to provide high quality,short delivery time and low cost shielding solutions.

    High quality products and excellent service help us win many stable and creditable customers all over the world.

    Credible,Professional & Efficient is EMCPIONEER`s culture.